23 Sep 2022

An Evening with SheedyFrost featuring Williams the Poet

Come along to Salford Loaves and Fishes 7.30pm on Friday 23rd September 2022 

The Evening is an event to raise money for Salford Loaves and Fishes and to enjoy the music of Sheedyfrost with Helen Hall along with the poetry of Williams the poet!
There will be a Supper and Wine or Hot Drinks all included in the price of the ticket.

Tickets are £10 availble from Eventbright : 


The homeless man was down on his luck
sat there, outside Greggs just looking up
not asking for anything, only a few pennies in his cup
but as the people walked by, did he never once complain
nobody could feel his pain
everyone thought it could never happen to them
but they didn't realise, anyone is only two paychecks away
or so they say
then sacked at work, then rot sets in
the arguments with the wife, as the bills get missed
then out with your bin bags, slowly getting pissed
then the drink takes over, and the thoughts are not straight
and a life, that was on track, suddenly ain't so great
and before you know it, your out on the streets
and friends, no longer want to greet
they see you as a smelly old tramp
a beggar, or an oil lamp
but you are just a person the same as me
cast now, aside by society
no one cares, there is no one around
as your head cuddles the pavement,
the concrete ground
but you are woken by laughter
and a waterfall, as three drunks think it is funny
that you have nothing at all
unwashed, unshaven and stinking of urine
head battered, you want to call time
The time that had been so decent to you
Suddenly it changed, what do you do ??
do they really have a clue?
how homelessness could suddenly come to you
Williams the poet